WiFi Routers, Access Points & Controllers!

3-in-1 Routers

WiFi Router, AP & Repeater in one single device providing you the most flexibility with your installation!

Access Controllers

Central management of all wireless devices, SSIDs, security, passwords, etc.

Seamless WiFi Roaming

Blanket your home, campus, office building, motel or warehouse with WiFi network for seamless connectivity!

3-in-1 Wireless Router


Supports Gateway mode, Access-Point mode or Repeater mode to best suite your networking needs.

High Power

The 9508s comes with Dual High Power MIMO Antennas to provide maximum coverage.

High Capacity

Support for upto 50 video users simultaneously!


Fully compatible with 802.11n, a & b standards. Operates at 2.4GHz spectrum supporting virtually any/all WiFi devices!

Residential WiFi System

Business WiFi System

Hotel / Motel Guest WiFi System

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